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My favorite social network ever

Instagram has always been my favorite interaction ever. Uploading a photo is a breeze. This is very important when I want to capture the moment. Instagram for me is a little memory capsules that bring emotions. The only app that will show your human part of the business is Instagram. You should use it. How? Let’s see.

Instagram ads

Did you know?

Instagram ads first appeared in the feeds of users in the United States on November 1, 2013, and crossed the Atlantic to United Kingdom the following September. Earlier this month, the announcement of Sponsored posts appeared on the Home feeds of Instagram users in Canada. While some users worry that the ads will disrupt their experience of their friends’ brunch photos marketers everywhere are salivating over access to the most popular network among young people. So what does the arrival of Instagram ads mean for your strategy?

What are Instagram ads?

Instagram ads take form of a typical Instagram photo or video. When talking about the future of advertisement on Instagram, the company made their intention to leave the Home browsing experience undisturbed for users very clear. What distinguishes an Instagram ad from other photos is the “Sponsored” mark above the top right corner of the photo, the spot where the posting time is normally displayed.

Users can like the photo or follow the brand’s account, just as they would with any other Instagram user; but they also have a chance to provide feedback about the ad by selecting the appropriate option in the ellipses button at the bottom left.

instagram - sponsored

Who can advertise on Instagram?

Not just any brand can pay to appear in the users’ Home feeds just yet—only brands with existing successful Instagram following are chosen to advertise their posts. “Our aim is to make any advertisements you see feel as natural to Instagram as the photos and videos many of you already enjoy from your favorite brands,” Ads on Instagram’s Q&A page states. For more information and inspiration for all things Instagram straight from the source, follow the official Instagram for Business blog.

How brands can gear up for Instagram ads

For now, brands with access to Instagram’s Sponsored posts remain an exclusive club, as the network focuses on meeting their honourable goal of incorporating ad content into the users’ Home Feeds as seamlessly and non-intrusively as possible. So what is your brand supposed to do in the meantime? Instagram gives an example of brands whose Instagram strategy (and high profile, undoubtedly) has earned them the right to be visible on the Home Feed—with brands such as Levi’s, Macy’s, Ben & Jerry’s and Burberry among the chosen few. Gear up for Instagram ads by taking a page or two out of these brands’ Instagram strategy.

A behind-the-scenes look

Customers interact with your product or service in person, so many of the selected brands use Instagram to reveal something otherwise inaccessible to people outside the company. For example, Burberry’s Instagram account is full of backstage photos from fashion shows, photoshoots, and even garment-making process of their signature fabric prints.

Instagram Brand

Customer shares

Perhaps it’s the intimacy of having access to the photos in the palm of your hand, but mobile users are more likely to interact with a brand on social media than those browsing social networks on their laptop or desktop computer. Since Instagram doesn’t look like it’s giving up its deserved spot in the top 10 apps, smart brands encourage consumers to share their Instagram photos with their followers and the business.


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