Key People

Bogdan Ionuț Gâta

Project Manager



Bogdan is the founder of Cart Generation since 2015 and he is in charge with administrative and financial status of the agency and with business development.

He studied International Marketing Management and Sales at VIA University College in Denmark and he has an experience over 5 years in the marketing domain.

He has a broad understanding of the business environment and processes with a particular interest in on-line marketing and business models. He’s knowledge brought for Cart Generation insights on how to recognize and create brand value.

Focused during meetings and presentations usually extrovert in his personal life, according to Bogdan, the business environment will be nothing without people, especially customers. He is invariably preoccupied about social responsibility and the position of a marketer in communities.

Andrei Dolca

Digital Marketing Officer



Passionate about everything online since the dial up days and determined to find the best online marketing solutions according to defined requirements analysis.

Enjoys keeping up with the latest SEO trends and constantly improving his set of skills in the field. Never backs down from a challenge and always tries not to mess things up.

Marian Pașca

Front-end Back-end Developer



Marian is an ambitious, curious and optimistic person. Ever since he was a child, curiosity led him to discover how computers work. The same curiosity helped him to know more about applications and websites.

He also went to Computer Engineering University where he had developed valuable knowledge about technical and hardware aspects of computers, algorithms and mathematics, during this time Marian also learned game development and animations, skills which had led him get his first job as a Game Developer in Flash.

With a strong technical skill-set, attention to detail, and 4+ years of experience Marian understands the industry trends and content management systems, he is skilled in multitasking and working on several projects simultaneously.
Marian  is ready to face any challenges, interpreted and executed designs correctly as requested by clients.